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We join SAVIA Generation to promote the talent of professionals over 50 years old

In our firm commitment to non-discrimination of professionals because of their age, and with the absolute conviction of the current need to promote the recruitment of senior professionals by SMEs, we have signed a collaboration agreement with the Endesa Foundation, so that, through its non-profit project, Generation SAVIA, in collaboration with the Foundation máshumano, promote senior talent in our country.

SAVIA's main objective is to enhance the employability of unemployed people over 50 years old, which amounts to almost one million people in Spain (930,500, according to EPA data from the 4Q of 2021). This union between Servitalent and SAVIA aims to value talent as a source of knowledge and experience essential to make companies and society prosper

To this end, from SAVIA Generation, various training and professional development actions are carried out, and has the support of organizations such as Servitalent that show their total commitment and conviction with the employability of this group.

From our part, in Servitalent, we will contribute to the seniors of the SAVIA platform our expertise in the provision of managerial capacity to companies, through its interim management and executive selection services, for project or structural needs in companies respectively. Similarly, candidates over 50 will also benefit from the activities led by SAVIA.

In the words of our CEO, Alberto Fernández, "we join the SAVIA project with the firm commitment of our company with the talent and experience that is so necessary at this time to professionalize and dimension the SMEs of our country".