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Summer, a lost time to look for job opportunities?

Contrary to what everyone may think at first, summer is not a lost time for the search of a new professional project, since many companies take advantage of this period to start selection processes in order to reinforce the team in the last quarter of the year.

Every year, it is more common to start selection processes at the end of the first quarter to deal with these new hires in early September in order to carry out the selection process in a more leisurely manner, taking advantage of the greater availability of candidates in their vacation periods. This circumstance comes together with the fact that most of the displacements, due to vacations, are concentrated in the months of July and August and so the candidates can enjoy their commitments and start a new stage free of closed dates and expenses incurred.

In Servitalent, in this last month we have initiated some selection processes with an effective date of incorporation in September, in which we will be advancing in the months of July and August, prior to the vacations by the client companies to leave the incorporations closed to the return of vacations. This is a usual circumstance that has been repeated in recent years, although it is true that this year there has been a certain slowdown (due to the global geopolitical situation and the uncertainty expected in the market in October).

An example of these success stories can be found in a Marketing department that was closed, a few years ago, in the middle of August to be incorporated in mid-September, and we remember that last August four processes were closed.

Therefore, taking advantage of the fact that we have more free time to think and set new professional horizons, summer is a good time to review those pages that allow us to find new positions since it is a very active period in terms of publications and interviews by companies. If you are looking for a new job opportunity or challenge, you can count on us! 


Signs: Antía Barros
Director of Recruitment, Talent and Audit