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What is an RPO and how is it different from a traditional recruitment process?

What is it and what does it consist of?

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a process by which companies of a certain size (more than 500 employees) hire a company of talent attraction, as we are in Servitalent, to manage the process of search and recruitment of profiles in the first phase of the selection process, that is, the contracted company is responsible for recruiting for those selection processes that are repeated recurrently in the company and that are technical/senior profiles that in many cases its management represents an opportunity cost for its Human Resources department.

Main differences:

  • The main difference between an RPO and the traditional recruitment process is that the person who is in charge of the management by the consultant is identified as part of the hiring company, i.e., he/she acts under its brand and on its behalf. He/she will be integrated into the company by accepting and adopting the client's values and ways of working, using the usual tools that the hiring company uses to recruit in its selection processes.

The second difference is that the RPO manager will be in charge of looking for improvements in the client's talent attraction and recruitment processes, identifying strengths and bottlenecks to be solved, as well as making proposals for service improvement.

In the RPO, the contracted company only carries out the first phase of the process, that is, it only manages the recruitment, it will carry out a more complete first phase and more aligned with the needs of the company by dedicating more time and detail to each process object of the RPO; which also frees the contracting company from the workload.

Finally, another difference is that the RPO helps to improve the employer branding strategy, as it includes research on the client's employer brand and a strategy to improve it. In short, the hiring company benefits from a system that allows it to optimize the recruitment and retention of talent.

Main advantages of hiring an RPO:

  • Access to a complete talent pool of candidates.
  • Discover market trends and needs in order to anticipate and make the recruitment process more efficient.
  • Combines technology and the human touch in the selection process.
  • Designs customized solutions to guarantee the improvement of selection processes and cost optimization.
  • It has a highly specialized team in recruitment and in the management of RPO processes in companies of different types.
  • It uses innovative strategies in talent attraction.


Signs: Antía Barros
Director of Recruitment, Talent and Audit