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Why is continuous development of their digital processes important for HR departments?

The world moves very fast. It seems as if the paralysing effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic on trade and business has forced companies to realise the necessity of moving very quickly in the race to reposition themselves at the forefront of the market, thereby increasing sales and improving profitability. 

And what does this mean for HR departments? Firstly, identifying the things that we are doing which we should perhaps leave, seeing what we need to do to adapt our internal processes so that we can respond quickly, and noting what we need to bear in mind in order to move forward when faced with the profound changes in the employment market and in the area of global TALENT

Within this process, the most important thing is to have a continuous development mindset. First, make a Process Map, if one hasn’t already been completed. If you already have one, take another look at it. On one side: what is the state of digitalisation in each internal process. On the other side: what is required in order to optimise the process for the current reality. Perhaps the map will need to be completely redrawn, because now it no longer fits the requirements or needs of the employees in the organisation. 

But why is it not fit for purpose? Because today the talk is of delocalised talent, engagement and retention of the Centennial generations, motivating work teams in times of crisis, mental health in organisations, and ad-hoc appraisals based on values.

At Servitalent, we are aware that this adjustment requires courage, and also the capacity for strategic thinking. Strategic thinking to place value on business and to have the ability to face a new reality. Because of this, we consider it essential to rely on help from professional specialists in improving HR management processes as a leitmotif of life. This is because they know what happens in other organisations and are able to transfer these ideas, based on their in-depth knowledge of the transactions and processes that take place in an HR department such as this. Resources, tools, but above all thinking and action on continuous development. 


Virginia Seguí 
Director of Talent Management