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CV certification

Created in Spain, CVcertificado® is a pioneering service backed by independent bodies. It works to obtain empirical professional evidence that brings greater accuracy and transparency to a value proposition based on a company’s work team.

What does the certification process consist of? 

It is a very rigorous and methodological process guided by professionals with extensive experience in people management that encompasses two actions:

  1. CV audit
  2. CV certification

Visit to find all of the information you need about our CV certification. Here are the steps to take, the activities to carry out and the most frequently asked questions. We also bring you a demo so you can see how CVcertificado® is applied.

We are the first company in Spainto audit and certify qualified executives and candidates using a verification methodology based on empirical evidence.


Who is it aimed at?

...that provide external services (consultants, interim managers, etc.) or who wish to bring a differential value to their CV in their search for employment, provided it is used as a part of a relocation program.

... that want to give adequate compliance to the Public Sector Contracts Law and that its technical solvency is based on the human resources proposed (services, engineering, consultancies, etc.)

...and who want to provide transparency about their managers and executives.

... with a complementary tool to its internal recruitment and evaluation process.

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Obtain your CVcertificado® in approximately 30 calendar days. 


All frequently asked questions about the CVcertificado®


Would you like to see an example of the application of a CVcertificado®?

More value for interim management


Add a differential value that sets you apart from your competitors in the executive services market. More accuracy, more professionalism, more transparency. CVcertificado® 


Certification company, that is used and renowned internationally. The company issues certificates and conducts periodical audits of the process used to obtain empirical evidence and conduct evaluation tests on certified professionals. The entire CV auditing process is also backed by the Certified Management System ISO 9001:2015 standard with ID 9108642502

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