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Interim Advisory Board


Pay-per-session (PpS) programs for strategic advice and accompaniment of SMEs, venture capital companies and start-ups, carried out by Advisory Board members.


 The high degree of uncertainty, instability and complexity of the environment, make strategic reformulation for many companies of vital importance before the implementation of any action plan through their management teams.



All the members of the Interim Advisory Board have extensive experience in governing bodies, having served on boards of directors, and having extensive professional experience as advisors and top-level executives of numerous important companies, both nationally and internationally.

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Our advice and strategic accompaniment programmes follow an agile and rigorous process, which allows us to dimension the service according to the current situation of the company, its management, financial and operational capacities and the sector in which it is operating, so that it can have a team of advisors with total flexibility and availability according to its needs.

Analysis of service requests sent by companies via web form.

Completion of a web form to collect information structured by strategic areas of the company.

Assignment of a Lead Advisor to design and supervise the strategic actions with the company's team and other possible advisors.

First meeting with the company to determine scope per strategic area and budget for the project.

Consolidation of diagnosis with companv team and assigned advisors with the issuance of the STRATEGIC DIAGNOSTIC REPORT.

Calendar of sessions with the team of advisors

Action plan with the company's management team

Determination of the exit plan of the team of advisors.


Strategic Diagnosis

Preparation of a strategic diagnostic report of the company for investment, financing and/or corporate operations with third parties: banking negotiations, mergers, acquisitions, subsidies, etc.

Strategic Impact

Analysis and diagnosis of the strategic areas of the company and elaboration of a shock plan to face the necessary organizational changes and to serve as a guide to the current management team to implement immediate action plans.

Strategic Planning

Analysis and diagnosis of the company's strategic areas with periodic monitoring and personalized advice to executives in the implementation of action plans and in operational decision making.

Strategic Mentoring

SME & Venture Capital/ Private Equity
Service of accompaniment and punctual advice for the strategic decision making of the company: mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, investments, etc.

Strategic Mentoring

Micro SME & Startup
Service of accompaniment and punctual advising for the strategic decision making of the company: search of investors, diversification, growth of the business, etc.