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Let's talk about people management issues and we will help you in

Attract executive talent

We use EXECUTIVE SEARCH to recruit and select managerial profiles, middle managers and highly qualified technicians who meet the organisational needs of your company and its competitive challenges.  




Our experience in management and the search for executives combined with your company’s need to outsource its selection process is a recipe for success. More info

By investing in

EXECUTIVE INTERIM MANAGEMENT, , you invest in the managerial capacity you need to provide immediate and flexible temporary cover when facing new competitive challenges, meaning guaranteed success for your company.



 We provide you with certified freelance professionals available for hire for specific periods of time or on a part-time basis. Want to know more?

Digitisation in HR

TALENT MANAGEMENT will enable your company to improve its internal people management processes by implementing technology to reduce operating costs and boost your ability to attract and retain talent.



We design, develop and implement SaaS-type (Software as a Servive) web applications, fully scalable and integrated with the corporate ERP, without the need for programming. Ask us

Relocate managers

Our EXECUTIVE OUTPLACEMENT programs and tools will allow your company to support managerial profiles that leave the organisation in their professional transition processes and the search for new projects.




 You will have access to our team of top-tier mentors, who have over 20 years of experience, national recognition in professional transition processes and a remarkable success rate in relocation.   More info



More transparency, more accuracy...more value

Created in Spain, CVcertificado® is a pioneering CV auditing and certification service aimed specifically at managerial and technical profiles. It enables our client companies to set themselves apart in the market by highlighting the value of their work teams, providing guarantees and offering transparency about their cumulative experience and professional capacities. All of our selection processes and the team of interim managers who work with Servitalent® have been certified according to CVcertificado® processes, which comply with ISO 9001:2015.

Get certification for your work teams’ curriculum vitae


More info


When should you seek the professional services of an external manager to carry out a very specific task in a specific timeframe?

Replacements and mentoring

You can rely on our experienced professionals to fill temporary positions within your company’s management team or to support the development of a high-potential junior employee.

Change management

Your company can rely on our know-how and experience when it comes to making important organisational changes that require you to invest in your managerial capacity.

New business

If your company is going to come face-to-face with as yet unknown competitive challenges and it needs to gain strength in order to make important strategic decisions.

Company creation

You have a business idea or have recently launched a new business that you wish to strengthen and make more competitive with the right mentors and hired experience.

Strategic projects

When you need a project leadership and management methodology to guarantee the success of the strategic decisions your company makes.

Professionalisation of a department

Full-time or part-time for the start-up or professionalisation of a department that you consider key to your company’s growth.

Committed to management

At Servitalent, our team of professionals shares the same vision when it comes to working, doing business and relating to people  

Success stories

Case study:
Strategic project management

Our client is a major car hire company going through a phase of international growth and expansion that will see it open up and take over 50 points of sale in various parts of Europe. As such, we provided our client with an interim manager with extensive experience in IT Department processes in order to manage the mission from this perspective.
To ensure that all hardware and software is in perfect working for every new point of sale that opens and that all stakeholders that affect this area are properly managed to make the launch date a success.

Case study:
Interim Billing Manager

A large business group has spent the last few months implementing SAP technology for the management of all business activity. The department manager in charge of billing and accounting has taken sick leave. This manager acted as the intermediary between the company and the implementation consultant, playing a vital role in the configuration of the ERP.

We have provided an interim manager with extensive experience in implementation within financial departments to stand in until the department manager returns to work.

Case study:  
Interim Human Resources Manager

An innovative company in the international growth and expansion phase has significantly increased its staff in recent months. Therefore it has decided to create an HR Department, establish procedures and properly structure its workforce in order to grow in an orderly manner.

We identified a candidate internally to be mentored by the interim manager and take on the role in the medium-term once the phase-out plan has been executed and the mission has been completed.


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