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Selection of executives


With our recruitment service you will be able to have the best professionals in management, middle management and highly qualified technical profiles for your company, with the help of a team experienced in recruitment processes and direct searches.

Find the best professionals in our database with more than 30,000 executives

Why do our clients hire our recruitment and selection services?


We present very complete reports, easy to understand for professionals not specialized in evaluation and suitable for decision making.

Rigorousness and quality

Our work procedure is rigorous and with very high quality standards, well above the industry average.

Knowledge and experience

We have extensive knowledge and experience in business management, as well as an experienced team of recruiters and headhunters.

National and international coverage

We provide national and international coverage with direct contact with professionals with experience in the sector and geographic area for the client.

Recognized and well-positioned brand

We have a recognized and well-positioned brand in the executive recruitment market, which allows us to reach candidates who are not looking for a job.

Communication and support

The communication with the client is constant and the accompaniment is carried out even after the hiring of the candidates.

How do we work?

Our selection processes are endorsed and certified with ISO9001 and ISO10667

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