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Interim Management recruitment case studies

Interim Management recruitment case studies



By investing in EXECUTIVE INTERIM MANAGEMENT, you invest in the managerial capacity you need to provide immediate and flexible temporary cover when facing new competitive challenges, meaning guaranteed success for your company.  


  Invest in managerial capacity for your company with over 100 certified interim managers


When can we help you temporarily increase the managerial capacity of your company, with the external placement of an interim manager?

Replacements and mentoring

You can rely on experienced professionals to fill temporary roles within your company’s management team or to support the development of a high-potential candidate.  

  We help you with:  

  • Temporary placement during the selection process of the final candidate.
  • Temporary coverage during a period of absence or other prolonged absence.
  • Mentoring process for a high-potential candidate who is deemed suitable to occupy a position of responsibility.


Change management

Your company can rely on our know-how and experience when it comes to making important organisational changes that require you to invest in your managerial capacity.

  We help you with:

  • Digital transformation of the company or one of its departments.
  • Support in the integration of companies after a purchase or merger process.
  • Support during the company’s sale, closing or transfer process.
  • Professionalisation of a board of directors or management team.
  • Development of managerial skills.
  • Restructuring of costs or the financial structure of companies.
  • Reorganisation of the staff management model.
  • Development and implementation of strategic plans.




New business

If your company is going to come face-to-face with as yet unknown competitive challenges and it needs to gain strength in order to make important strategic decisions.


  We help you with:

  • Start-up of a new line of business or production unit.
  • Development of international markets.
  • Diversification and development of new products/services.
  • Creation of new sales channels.
Company creation

You have a business idea or have recently launched a new business that you wish to strengthen and make more competitive with the right mentors and hired experience.


 We help you with:  

  • Start-up of businesses starting from university spin-offs.
  • Professionalisation of an entrepreneurial team.
  • Structuring of companies to obtain financing channels or achieve strategic alliances.



Constitution / supplement to the Board of Directors

Advice and strategic support to owners, partners and boards of directors of SMEs and Startups that do not have this governing body or want to complement the actual one.


 We help you with:  

  • Strategic diagnosis of the current situation of the company.
  • Strategic impact and preparation of an action plan for the Board of Directors.
  • Accompaniment and advice for strategic decision making for small, medium and large companies such as: mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, investments, etc.
Professionalisation of a department

Full-time or part-time for the start-up or professionalisation of a department that you consider key to your company’s growth.


 We help you with:  

  • HR management.
  • Purchasing management.
  • Marketing management.
  • Financial management.
  • Commercial management.
  • Production management.


All of our interim managers go through an exhaustive certification process in order to identify their capabilities, verify their experience and training and offer guarantees to companies that use their external management services under the Servitalent brand.

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