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Relocation programs for executives

Executive Outplacement is a specialised service for managerial profiles and aimed at those companies that wish to incorporate senior support programs as part of their exit negotiations.

What can we offer your company?  

We propose a process of support and relocation with these premises:  

  • Flexibility in the programs. 
  • Wide network of contacts.
  • Specialisation in management.  
  • Confidentiality and security.

Mentoring team with
over 20 years of experience. Our executive support programs have an 85% success rate in relocation

Flexible programs

Our clients can establish the scope of the programs based on the number of sessions for working with each of the candidates involved.

Wide network of contacts

Our company is part of the MOA BPI Group partners network and collaborates with the network of companies that form the Interim Management Association of Spain, which guarantees a national (Spain) and international (Europe and LATAM) network of contacts that significantly increases the chances of success of our relocation actions.

Specialisation in management

We exclusively assign mentors with over 20 years of accredited experience in manager relocation processes and career consultancy

Confidentiality and security

All of our relocation programs and activities are meticulously and contractually documented with all parties involved - both the company and the professional - in order to meet the demands of our clients in relation to the security of confidential company information, the protection of personal data, the success of the programs and other demands specific to each mission.


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 that we offer to your company, but would like more information,
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