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Code of Proffesional Conduct

The code of conduct Servitalent is designed to provide professional guidance to all related people, in one way or another, to the company and the delivery of professional services of the company within the framework established by the mission and corporate values published in its constitution, apart from the corporate social responsibility claimed by various social isntitutions.  

This code of conduct is considered mandatory for all persons related to Servitalent, and the company commits to spread, defend, apply and update it as appropriate in each moment

  1. Through the implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System, the organization establishes a frame of reference for the establishment of quality objectives. We also maintain a commitment to continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
  2. Strict compliance with existing rules, laws or other binding resolution, which directly or indirectly affect the activity of the company, consistent with the spirit in which they were drafted.
  3. Absolute respect for human and labor rights in any legislative and / or geographic performance of the business area.
  4. Constant maintenance of upright professional conduct. Understanding as professionalism the diligent acting, efficient work, quality and innovative attitude. It will integrate the acting loyally, honestly, in good faith, aligned with the interests of the company.
  5. Environmental protection, both because of legislative compliance but also for responsible action on waste minimization and energy savings.
  1. Promotion and strict compliance with health and safety policies at work, adopting by the company legally established preventive measures.
  2. Establishing rigorous people selection policies and based on criteria previously defined in job descriptions objective.
  3. Promotion of training and development of people respecting equal opportunities, professional projection of collaborating people and regarding the development of the mission of the company.
  4. Establishment of information and transparency policies reporting periodically of the general progress of the company and its strategic decision to all those who collaborate internally.
  5. Commitment to not accepting gifts or personal compensation deriving from a professional is performance on behalf of the company.
  6. Responsibility in the use of resources and means for the development of professional activity provided by the company with special attention to equipment, systems and software.
  7. Do not disclose confidential information to third parties. It shall be considered confidential all non-public information that owned or that has been assigned to the company. This obligation will continue after the termination of the professional relationship with the company.
  8. Commitment not carrying out activities involving external competition, directly or indirectly, any kind of prejudice or impairment of the activity of the company, except in special situations that are authorized by the company.
  1. No discrimination among people on grounds of race, color, nationality, social origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, ideology, political opinion, religion or any other personal, physical or social condition of the people working in the company or somehow collaborate with it, as well as equal opportunities among men and women.
  2. Rejection of violent or intimidating acts, of physical, sexual, psychological harassment, moral or any other abuse of authority in professional performance.
  3. Support and development of actions to reconciling family life with work activity.
  4. Respect the privacy rights of all people with special attention to communications containing personal, medical and economic data, in any of the carriers that are commonly used by the company. It is considered implicit the commitment to non-disclosure of all this information without the express consent of the people, except in cases of legal obligation