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Inside Sales and the HR world

At Servitalent we have recently expanded our team with a person who will act as a link between the marketing and sales departments. This position, commonly called Inside Sales, aims to make sure to connect both departments so that the actions implemented in the first one have an impact on sales.

For us it is very important to understand how and what information our potential customers consume in order to make decisions and implement effective actions. Having clear information about our target audience is also very useful when choosing the best and most appropriate tools to facilitate the Inside Sales the subsequent process of collecting and managing information. Its main function will be to study all this data from different channels in order to qualify opportunities and achieve, with the support of the sales department, to convert a prospect into a sale. 

This whole process is always carried out from the same place of work, unlike the traditional commercial, we are looking for savings in travel and especially in time.

It is essential that Inside Sales is able to identify the contacts that are "quality" and what they are looking for in the company. This is how we can achieve a significant reduction in the time it takes to manage this information and a good conversion rate. Sending messages indiscriminately in this case is not interesting, since most of the process is based on the search for qualified and relevant information to reach companies that are indirectly already interested in the services we offer. 

When contacting potential customers it is especially important to be clear about who to target within the organizations. The relevant profiles for Inside Sales when trying to close a meeting should be people with certain influence and decision-making power within your company.

As a rule, both Inside Sales and the sales department in general, must have a deep knowledge of the services, operation and culture of the company they represent, but in a business such as human resources, where the basis of our work is trust, this factor takes on special relevance. 

The world of sales is constantly evolving and currently in sectors like ours in HR it is important to understand that companies do not expect a simple salesperson but someone with certain knowledge and experience who knows how to identify and manage their needs in the search for talent. From Servitalent we also look for that closeness that highlights our approach: people.



Signs: Marta Alonso
Inside Sales