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Servitalent signs an agreement with Bizkaired as an official provider specialized in managers and talent management.

In our eagerness to become a reference company in the sector of executives and talent management in the northern part of Spain (mainly in the Basque country), we have signed an agreement with Servitalent as an official provider of professional services for the Association of companies of Bizkaia (Bizkaired). 

The signing of the agreement took place at the end of 2021, between our Associate Director Javier Conde and the President of Bizkaired, Igor Vega. The aim of this agreement is the collaboration of Servitalent as a provider company specialized in executives and people management, seeking to provide the appropriate resources for the management of the more than 2.000 companies that are part of this network.

"I am convinced that this is the beginning of a great collaboration. Bizkaired is an association of reference, with great professionals who seek excellence in their respective areas, and with a collaborative and innovative mentality; in addition, Igor is a great person, close and who can always be counted on" says our Associate Director, Javier Conde.

Bizkaired was born in 2007 with an innovative service to improve business competitiveness, focusing on business acceleration, sales improvement and creation of synergies among its members. In addition to Vizcaya, it has other networks in Madrid, Asturias and Cantabria.

Here you can find our supplier file for Bizkaired.