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“Spanish e-coffee with…” the initiative created by Servitalent that seeks to integrate the partners of the global network of headhunters Talentor International.

In Servitalent, as exclusive partner in Spain of the global network of headhunters Talentor International, we created the initiative called "Spanish e- coffee with...." as a team building activity that aims to increase knowledge and integration between teams of different nationalities in order to improve our international recruitment services within the network.

The initiative was launched by us (as Talentor Spain) at the end of October, having so far, the participation of partners from Romania, Italy, Latvia and China, with many more partners joining in 2022. The initiative consists of a space in which us and the invited partner share a "virtual coffee" in which current issues and business topics are discussed in a close and enjoyable way, allowing to comment about the main factors when looking for talent in both countries, the most sought after profiles and sectors of specialization of both us partners, and the experience of the invited partner with the Spanish market through the services of Executive Search and Interim Management.

To know more about this initiative and to read the interviews we have made to each of our partners, keep visiting our blog!