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Spanish e-coffee with… Talentor China

In Servitalent, as Talentor Spain we created this initiative called “Spanish e-coffee with...” as a team building activity that aims to increase knowledge and integration between the teams of different nationalities with the objective of improving our international recruitment services within Talentor International.

This time, our “Spanish e- coffee with…” was with our partners from Talentor China, letting us have the opportunity to interview their CEO Michael Wang, about the important factors to consider when looking for talent in China. Here’s what he shared with us:

Tell us a little bit about Talentor China!

  • Established in 2007, Talentor China – Reno Consulting has been serving our global clients with commitment to high service quality and professional ethics. We have successfully placed numerous candidates, who have become the real drive for their organizations. Currently we have offices in Shanghai and Hangzhou.
  • Our Mission is to:
    - Help our customer to find, retain and motivate their talents
    - Be a long-term partner and a full HR solution provider

What would you say are the most important factors to consider for a foreign company when looking for talent in China? What important aspects should you consider before starting the search (culture, legislation, salary policies, mobility, social benefits, etc)?

  • The most important factors are being humble and recognizing the differences in culture and mindset. Many people make mistakes because they take it for granted that things are following the same rules everywhere. Unfortunately that’s not the case when it comes to the motivations for job changing and the time of waiting. For example, European managers normally need 2-3 weeks to come to a decision while in China people are expecting an answer within 2-3 days. 
  • Before starting the search, we would consider all aspects, but most important are the key expectations from the hiring manager and what are the selling points from the employer to attract good talents. A better understanding of the company vision and business plan for the China market would definitely help.

What are the most demanded positions by foreign companies in your market?

  • IT positions with fluent English language requirement. Normally the software developers and programmers, engineers don’t have a good English level.

Which sectors are you specialized in?

  • We’re specialized in the industry sector, i.e. auto, engineering, machinery, chemical etc.

And finally, anything else you want to add regarding any experience with the Spanish market?

  • Can I say Spanish wine? ? So far we haven’t done anything for Spain. That’s why we need a strong partner like you (Talentor Spain)!