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Spanish e-coffee with…Talentor Ireland

In Servitalent/ Talentor Spain we created this initiative called “Spanish e-coffee with…” that arises first, so that we can share a dissenting space with our partners from the Talentor International network and second, to talk about executive search in each country.
On this occasion we shared a very pleasant time and had the opportunity to talk about possible collaborative experiences with our partners from Talentor Ireland

We asked John Ingram (Managing Consultant)  some questions about the important factors to consider when looking for talent in Ireland. Here’s what he shared with us:


Hello John, can you tell us a little bit about Talentor Ireland!

  • We’re a small, focused team for now - three recruiters and an office manager – but with ambition and plans to grow over the coming year.  We have roots that are more entrepreneurial and creative than ‘big company’.  We’re more likely to say ‘looks interesting, let’s try it’ than ‘that’s not a precise fit for us.’  
    We operate mainly in the mid- to senior executive role level, but for a trusted client, we sometimes work assignments below this.

What would you say are the most important factors to consider for a foreign company when looking for talent in Ireland? What important aspects should you consider before starting the search (culture, legislation, salary policies, mobility, social benefits, etc)?

  • The main thing is that the market is incredibly tight and yet FDI companies continue to enter the Irish employment market, while the existing ones continue to expand their workforces.  
    Ireland is now the only English-speaking company formally within the EU, and would still be seen by US companies as a gateway to the European market. 
    The cost of living is high here – and accommodation is scarce and expensive.  Rents in Dublin, for example, are crazy.  So, getting people to relocate to Ireland is not so straightforward.  And as for culture, most Irish people are natural problem-solvers and are anything but hidebound.  We also like to know exactly what the rules are – so we either ignore them (stylishly) or find a way around them.

What are the most demanded positions by foreign companies in your market?

  • Probably software developers.  It is easier to get a response to an InMail sent to the CEO of a major company than it is from a software developer.  But it won’t always be so!

Which sectors are you specialized in?

  • Currently, we are focused on the Financial/Fintech, Information Technology/Digital Transformation, Life Sciences and Not-for Profit sectors.

And what about the Spanish market? Are you willing to have experience with this target? 

  • Certainly: yes! We also have a team member that lived in Madrid and speaks Spanish fluently. So we can be familiar with Spanish culture. 

Thank you to the Talentor Ireland team for joining our initiative! We can’t wait for our second e-coffee!


More information about this initiative here