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Initiatives with global impact

Last May we celebrated the International Human Resources Day (May 20th) and as Servitalent/ Talentor Spain we could not let this day go unnoticed.

Positioning the management capacity in the Basque Country
As a company specialized in executives and talent management, we are growing and expanding our local and international coverage, that is why Javier Conde, Associate Director of Servitalent, shares with us how was the decision and the process of making Servitalent known in the Basque Country, has the communication as the key to achieve what we’ve done so far. Let's go for more team!
Professionals and companies that make a difference in today's context
We have gone through many events these recent years, from a pandemic to the war in Ukraine, these and more, have marked the new context in which both professionals and companies have had to adapt in order to "survive". Our Commercial Director, Carlos Pérez, shares his thoughts on how we have all been affected, but also how we have reacted to make a difference in the current reality we live in.
Spanish e-coffee with…Talentor Ireland
In Servitalent/ Talentor Spain we created the initiative called "Spanish e- coffee with.... "as a team building activity that aims to increase knowledge and integration between teams of different nationalities, in order to improve our global recruitment services within the Talentor International network. On this occasion we shared a space with our partners from Talentor Ireland, and this is what happened!
What is an RPO and how is it different from a traditional recruitment process?
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a process in which a company hires another company specialized in attracting talent to carry out the recruitment of those selection processes that are recurrently repeated in the company, but how does it differ from a traditional recruitment process? Our Director of Selection, Talent and Audit, Antía Barros, explains it to us.
Good practices of a resume audit
The process of curriculum audit allows companies to know to what extent the employees who are going to be part of their staff tell the truth in their resumes, but .... But what happens when an auditor starts to work on it because a company commissions him/her to do so, and how does he/she handle the information? Our Recruitment, Talent and Auditing Technician, Nerea Castro tells you.
Spanish e-coffee with… Czech Republic
Our “Spanish e-coffee with…” is getting stronger this 2022! Our second “Spanish e-coffee with…” was with our partners from Czech Republic (Talentor Advanced Search) , with whom we shared a very pleasant time and had the opportunity to talk about possible collaborative experiences within the Talentor International network. 
"The last mile" in talent search and selection
Nowadays, the identification of talent is absolutely democratized and within the reach of any company that dedicates certain resources to the recruitment phase, but what happens when the problem arises when we are negotiating the incorporation at the end of the process? This is what Antía Barros, our Director of Recruitment, Talent and Audit, tells us in this article. 
Spanish e-coffee with… Talentor Netherlands
Our “Spanish e-coffee with…” is back this 2022! The first one from this year was with our partners from Independent Recruiters (Talentor Netherlands), with whom we shared a very pleasant time and had the opportunity to talk about possible collaborative experiences within the Talentor International network. 
We join SAVIA Generation to promote the talent of professionals over 50 years old

In our firm commitment to non-discrimination of professionals because of their age, and with the absolute conviction of the current need to promote the recruitment of senior professionals by SMEs, we have signed a collaboration agreement with the Endesa Foundation, so that, through its non-profit project, Generation SAVIA, in collaboration with the Foundation máshumano, promote senior talent in our country.

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