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"The last mile" in talent search and selection
Nowadays, the identification of talent is absolutely democratized and within the reach of any company that dedicates certain resources to the recruitment phase, but what happens when the problem arises when we are negotiating the incorporation at the end of the process? This is what Antía Barros, our Director of Recruitment, Talent and Audit, tells us in this article. 
Hybrid work, remote or in person, which one would you choose? 
If the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic left us with something, it was the ability to adapt to the new situation in many aspects, one of the most important: the work modality. There are many contrasting opinions and preferences between one modality and another, which our Selection, Talent and Audit Technician, Nerea Lijó Pardavila, affirms that each person has their own reasons for deciding which one to choose. So, find out what Nerea's experience is like working as a hybrid at Servitalent!
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