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Laura Comesaña Iglesias
Support and development manager

Laura has a degree in Commerce, although her professional career was expected to be focused on the Financial area, her strong interest in new technologies led her to the Digitalization of processes, an area where she has been developing and training for more than two years to be up to date and in tune with the technological needs of the companies.

Contact Info
+34 902 90 80 91
Process analysis and digitization
Support and technical assistance
Implementation and monitoring of web applications/APPs
Research of technological tools
Project management

As Support and Development Manager, Laura is involved in all areas of the company that require technological improvements. Although the bulk of her work is focused on dealing with our Talent Management service clients, improvement projects or new functionalities that require analysis and implementation arise on a daily basis, since the digitalization work "never ends".

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Digitalization is essential in any organization, thanks to it we can dedicate our time to the activities that really add value.

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