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Today we celebrate Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day. March 8 was not chosen at random. The origin of the official celebration dates back to 1975, when the United Nations decided to recognize this day in the way we know it today. Its origins date back to the last century, when in 1908 a fire in a textile factory in New York led to the death of 129 women workers and the beginning of the union struggle. 

For a professional like me, born in the West in the 1970s, this day means a memory. Nostalgic memories of conversations with my grandmothers about their life and work. A bitter memory of my mother, who was not allowed to continue studying because she was the "daughter" and had to take care of her parents.

It also represents the powerful memory of friends, who at some point in their lives have had doubts about a choice that was never easy. 

And, nowadays, this Day reminds me of María, Bea, Antía, Manto, Laura, Arame and Nerea. They are everything that makes me feel proud of my gender. Strong, courageous, modern, determined and excellent people. In addition to excellent professionals within Servitalent, I have the honor to call them my partners and colleagues. Congratulations to them also for this day.

"The bravest act is to think for oneself, out loud", Coco Chanel.

Signed: Virginia Seguí
Associate Director