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Let's talk about people management issues and we will help you in

Attract executive talent

We use EXECUTIVE SEARCH to recruit and select managerial profiles, middle managers and highly qualified technicians who meet the organisational needs of your company and its competitive challenges.  




Our experience in management and the search for executives combined with your company’s need to outsource its selection process is a recipe for success. More info

By investing in

EXECUTIVE INTERIM MANAGEMENT, , you invest in the managerial capacity you need to provide immediate and flexible temporary cover when facing new competitive challenges, meaning guaranteed success for your company.



 We provide you with certified freelance professionals available for hire for specific periods of time or on a part-time basis. Want to know more?

People Management

With TALENT MANAGEMENT your company will be able to tackle with guarantees all those strategic HR projects in which the experience of the people management team and the use of technology are key factors for success.


We will help you define and execute projects from the HR department to improve the life cycle of all the people who collaborate with the company, always maintaining an innovative vision and digital transformation.  Ask us

Relocate managers

Our EXECUTIVE OUTPLACEMENT programs and tools will allow your company to support managerial profiles that leave the organisation in their professional transition processes and the search for new projects.




 You will have access to our team of top-tier mentors, who have over 20 years of experience, national recognition in professional transition processes and a remarkable success rate in relocation.   More info



More transparency, more accuracy...more value

With our background check and curriculum certification services, specifically aimed at managerial and technical profiles, which allows our client companies to differentiate themselves in the market by adding value to their work teams, providing guarantees and offering transparency about their accumulated experience and professional skills. All our selection processes and the team of interim managers who collaborate with Servitalent as hiring managers, have been audited and certified according to the CVcertified® process endorsed by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 10667:2013.


Audit and certify the CV of your work teams!


More info


When should you seek the professional services of an external manager to carry out a very specific task in a specific timeframe?

Replacements and mentoring

You can rely on our experienced professionals to fill temporary positions within your company’s management team or to support the development of a high-potential junior employee.

Change management

Your company can rely on our know-how and experience when it comes to making important organisational changes that require you to invest in your managerial capacity.

New business

If your company is going to come face-to-face with as yet unknown competitive challenges and it needs to gain strength in order to make important strategic decisions.

Company creation

You have a business idea or have recently launched a new business that you wish to strengthen and make more competitive with the right mentors and hired experience.

Constitution / complement of the Board of Directors

When advice and strategic accompaniment is necessary in case your company does not have this governing body or you want to complement it.

Professionalisation of a department

Full-time or part-time for the start-up or professionalisation of a department that you consider key to your company’s growth.

Committed to management

At Servitalent, our team of professionals shares the same vision when it comes to working, doing business and relating to people  

Success stories

Case study:
Interim Operations Manager


Our client is a company whose activity is focused on the treatment of raw materials derived from animals for their transformation into different types of products for various sectors. They suggested us the need for an Interim Manager expert in Logistics and/or Operations to carry out a detailed analysis of the transport costs that they were carrying out by means of a reliable Controller who was not an expert in the area.


To ensure, through mentoring and training, that the Controller implements the improvements in the procedures detected in the analysis, optimizing transport costs as much as possible.

Case study:
Interim Administrative-Financial Manager


Our client is a company specialized in the care of people with dependence that offers day center services, home help and training to the elderly. The company was going to make a series of changes in its Management that were going to provoke the incorporation of a new Manager and that needed to be complemented with the support of an interim manager with experience in Financial Management.


An Interim Manager with extensive experience has been incorporated, giving continuity to the company's activity, reviewing current procedures and professionalizing the department.

Case study:  
Interim Human Resources Manager


Our client is a company in the engineering sector for the construction and infrastructure sector, with offices in Spain and Latin America, which needed to set up a support service for the HR Management function, since at that time it was in a process of consolidating its activity and growth at an international level.


The company was asked to hire an Interim Manager for the design, development and implementation of its management strategy, development, motivation, attraction and retention of people, both in the central offices and in its headquarters.


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