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Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)


Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a service provided by the recruitment and selection team of Servitalent in which we take charge of a certain number or all of the operations linked to a client's selection process.

These are the activities that we can do in the selection process of your company:

  • Publication of offers
  • Management of RRSS and job portals
  • Curriculum screening
  • Telephone contacts
  • Evaluation
  • Interviews
  • Preparation of reports (Background Checks)
  • Evaluation of competencies (Assessment)
  • Scholarship management
  • Communication with candidates
  • Analysis of results (Kpis)
  • Process automation (digitalization)

We take care of the operations so that you can focus on what is important

Why do our clients hire our RPO services?

Guaranteed efficiency

To achieve greater efficiency in the recruitment process and to make their internal costs more variable.

Cost reduction

To reduce their opportunity costs by allocating resources to activities of greater strategic value for the company.

Process improvements

To introduce improvements in the recruitment process with the help of a specialized partner..

Employer brand improvement

To improve your employer brand in front of your candidates and society in general.

Technological solutions

To work with technological solutions or other selection tools to which they would not have access internally.


How do we work?

Reduce your costs in the company's recruitment process by more than 30%

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