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Spanish e-coffee with… Czech Republic

Our “Spanish e-coffee with…” is getting stronger this 2022! Our second “Spanish e-coffee with…” was with our partners from Czech Republic (Talentor Advanced Search) , with whom we shared a very pleasant time and had the opportunity to talk about possible collaborative experiences within the Talentor International network. 

We asked Tomáš Prajzler (Country Manager) a couple of questions about the important factors to consider when looking for talent in Czech Republic. Here’s what he shared with us:

Hi Tomáš, tell us a little bit about Talentor Czech Republic!

  • Founded in 2004, Talentor CZ employs 30 people in 3 divisions – non-IT, IT and RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). Operating from 3 offices (Prague, Ostrava and Prešov, Slovakia), Talentor belongs to the biggest permanent-placement only recruitment/executive search firms in the Czech Republic. 
  • What makes us, at Talentor CZ, stand out of the competition is our dedication to quality, experienced and loyal team (with some key people being in the company for over 10 years) and a very unique, friendly and transparent company culture. 

What would you say are the most important factors to consider for a foreign company when looking for talent in Czech Republic? What important aspects should you consider before starting the search (culture, legislation, salary policies, mobility, social benefits, etc)?

  • Very tight market with ~3% unemployment rate (that being literally zero in big agglomerations of Prague/Central Bohemia, Brno, Ostrava and Pilsen
  • Candidate driven market. Unless you are Google or Tesla, the candidates are the one deciding whom to work for…
  • Legal environment is very much in favor of employees. High cost of labor (the employer pays 34% on top of the candidate’s gross salary on social and health security). High level employee protection (3 months long notice period, it is not possible to terminate an employee without a reason (and even with one it is difficult) and so on.
  • Rather low mobility, esp. in the countryside despite the gentrification process. Some industries (construction, manufacturing) depend on foreign (Slovak, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Mongolian etc.) workforce. 
  • Salary levels have a high spread. Minimum wage about 700EUR, average salary 1600 EUR, average salary in Prague ~2000 EUR (all before tax). A Senior JAVA Developer will earn up to 8K EUR a month though, pretty much anywhere in the country. Management-level salaries can easily exceed 10K EUR. Personal income tax 20%, efficient taxation 44%
  • Corporate culture depends a lot on the origin of the employer. What could be called a “typical” Czech company culture is very similar to the one of Germany (some say we are the 17th Bundesrepublik). We are not “Dutch-direct” though open communication without much beating around the bush is preferred. 

What are the most demanded positions by foreign companies in your market?

  • Anything! (see above). Well… IT and engineering (mechanical, electrical, construction). But both low- and high-level jobs are hard to fill. 

Which sectors are you specialized in?

  • We’re specialized in IT, banking & finance, Real Estate Development and Manufacturing.

And finally Tomáš, do you have any experience with the Spanish market and how was your experience? 

  • We have had employees within Talentor CZ from Spain and currently we count in our team with Juan Diaz Morales, one of our current RPO Senior Consultants, who is originally from Mexico, which allows us to have a certain closeness with the Hispanic culture :) 
  • Also, we have worked on some projects in the shared services sector in Spain and a Spanish logistics company based in CZ. But we’re very excited to see what the ties between Talentor CZ and Spain will bring!