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Good practices of a resume audit

The resume audit process allows companies to know to what extent the employees who are going to be part of their staff are telling the truth in their resumes.
Making a resume is accessible to everyone, in fact almost certainly at some point in our lives we have to make at least one. 

Spanish e-coffee with… Czech Republic
Our “Spanish e-coffee with…” is getting stronger this 2022! Our second “Spanish e-coffee with…” was with our partners from Czech Republic (Talentor Advanced Search) , with whom we shared a very pleasant time and had the opportunity to talk about possible collaborative experiences within the Talentor International network. 
"The last mile" in talent search and selection
Nowadays, the identification of talent is absolutely democratized and within the reach of any company that dedicates certain resources to the recruitment phase, but what happens when the problem arises when we are negotiating the incorporation at the end of the process? This is what Antía Barros, our Director of Recruitment, Talent and Audit, tells us in this article. 
Spanish e-coffee with… Talentor Netherlands
Our “Spanish e-coffee with…” is back this 2022! The first one from this year was with our partners from Independent Recruiters (Talentor Netherlands), with whom we shared a very pleasant time and had the opportunity to talk about possible collaborative experiences within the Talentor International network. 
We join SAVIA Generation to promote the talent of professionals over 50 years old

In our firm commitment to non-discrimination of professionals because of their age, and with the absolute conviction of the current need to promote the recruitment of senior professionals by SMEs, we have signed a collaboration agreement with the Endesa Foundation, so that, through its non-profit project, Generation SAVIA, in collaboration with the Foundation máshumano, promote senior talent in our country.

How to get the most out of Servitalent's job portal
At some point in our professional careers we have been faced with the task of registering or accessing a job portal to search for new challenges and opportunities, whether or not we have a job at that precise moment. For many people this experience has not been the best... so our Selection, Talent and Audit Technician, Beatriz Perez, tells us a bit about the dynamics of Servitalent's portal and gives us some tips to get the most out of it if we register in it.
The Role of Business Schools and Senior Talent in VUCA Environments 

In Servitalent, as a company specialized in executives and talent management, we receive more and more concerns from our clients about talent management in such changing and uncertain environments as the current one. That is why our Associate Director Javier Conde, interviews Enrique de la Rica, Founder and CEO of ESEUNE Business School.

Commercial Director vs Business Developer: which one do I need in my company?
Our Associate Director Borja Lanáquera talks about the role of the profiles of the Commercial Director and the Business Developer, two profiles that can be commonly confused or unknown in the labor market. What is clear is that both figures bring a lot of value to companies from their area of expertise. Find out in this article!
20 years of managerial experience in the service of talent management
Our Associate Director, Juan Blanco, shares how in Servitalent we look for the most suitable solution for our clients and their managerial capacity needs, supporting them in different aspects thanks to the varied and long experience of our team always looking to achieve success
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