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María Calviño Vázquez
Director of Organization and Projects

She has a degree in Sociology, a postgraduate degree in Market Research and a Master's degree in Sales and Marketing Management. Maria has a long multidisciplinary career in different sectors, focusing on the field of Training Management and Talent Management, the latter being a key piece in the internal processes of Servitalent, where Maria plays a very important role.

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+34 902 90 80 91
Talent Management
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Project Management

Currently the Director of Organization and Projects in Servitalent, specialized in consulting projects and technological implementation for the digitization of management processes within the Human Resources departments, as well as in the management of internal Quality Systems, with a constant concern for the improvement of processes and management efficiency to maximize customer satisfaction.

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"Success is not only achieved with special qualities. It is above all a work of constancy, method and organization."
- J.P. Sergent

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