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Career mentoring

Career mentoring
is a consultancy and learning process for specific techniques in order to find the most suitable professional project for each professional.

This process involves work sessions with a senior professional accredited in the training and relocation of executives.


It is a professional relationship aimed at achieving specific objectives that are agreed between both parties at the outset and which may vary depending on the expectations of the individual hiring this type of service.




Our experience and knowledge of the management market has allowed us to reduce our clients relocation times by over 50%

Why Career Mentoring?


Career mentoring is an investment that will reduce relocation time by 50% and provide outcomes that will be useful throughout your professional life.

In figures

Our success ratio is: over 80% relocated within a period of 6 months.


Our accompaniment programs are adapted to the real needs of our clients, in duration, investment, contents and assigned mentors.

Future vision

Investing in a support program is a decision that can influence the rest of your professional life.

Confidentiality and security

All of our relocation programs and activities are meticulously and contractually documented with all parties involved - both the company and the professional - in order to meet the demands of our clients in relation to the security of confidential company information, the protection of personal data, the success of the programs and other demands specific to each mission.

How will we do it?

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